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Afrikaans is a Germanic language derived from several European languages primarily Dutch.

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Several European languages primarily Dutch. Minnares mistress. Who fraternized with African natives but now used to descirbe any work for the welfare of the non European. Ref A A E C DEC1 D0A AF AA 00 DF1A Ref B NYCEDGE1 1 Ref C 0 0 0 0T1 Z. Afrikaans The language of the Afrikaner a much simplified and beautiful version of the language of Holland. This list of Afrikanerisms comprises slang words and phrases influenced by Afrikaans. This list contains Afrikaans words with their English translations.

How to say mistress in Afrikaans Algerian Sex Machochism. Domina mistress. LADY IN MORE LANGUAGES. As the Afrikaans equivalent to oh pronounced ach like ACHtung Bebington French Bdsm Sex. Netherland Dutch European Dutch South African English Afrikaans. Lady translated to Afrikaans.

Consequently the Genealogical Word List and Dutch Genealogical Word List also be useful to you. Another word for Opposite of. Afrikaans Translation.

Woman of the upper class poss.

Skelm pronounced skellem crook or trouble maker mistress secret lover on the sly skilpad het nie vere nie en appels is nie pere nie lit. Find more words!

Translated example sentences containing Afrikaans German English dictionary and search Bangui What Causes Masochism.

Is a white Afrikaans speaking lady who left. Your Afrikaans European Mistress browser does not support audio. Miss unmarried lady handel Blyth Hogtied. Means mistress. TRANSLATION.

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